Best Foundation For Oily Skin

Best Foundation For Oily Skin

Best Foundation For Oily Skin

Best Foundation For Oily Skin – Causes of oily skin

How flawless is the face after makeup depends on foundation; but for most women, finding the best foundation for oily skin can be challenging. Oily skin is caused by an excessive sebaceous gland activity, resulting in overproduction of sebum. Interaction of sebum with sweat results in cosmetically undesired oily and shiny facial skin appearance. Oily skin is susceptible to clogged pores resulting in acne breakout. For some women, oily skin is heredity; however in others, hormonal imbalances due to puberty, improper diet, pregnancy and birth control pills can cause the sebaceous gland to become overactive. Environmental conditions are known to increase the risk factors for oily skin: the skin loses moisture to the environment, when humidity is low, or is lowered by artificial mean through air conditioning and heating. Exposure to the sun over a period of time can reduces the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Moreover, superficial dryness of the outermost layer of the skin during the dry winter season can cause the sebaceous gland to be overactive. Oily skin is not necessarily bad, since such skin type tends to age better and develops fewer wrinkles as compared to other skin types. Yet the ability to oxidize facial foundation makes it almost impossible, for most women, to find the best foundation for oily skin type.

Best Foundation For Oily Skin -Effects of oily skin on foundation

Oxidation of foundation occurs when cosmetic foundation turns yellow (orange) or changes to a darker tone after a few hours. The term “oxidation” is misused here; since the pigments used in mineral makeup are metal oxides (titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and zinc oxides) which cannot be oxidized any further. Most women attribute the oxidation of foundation to more acidic skin. Though the skin is slightly acidic with a pH between 4.2 and 5.6; the inability of metal oxides to be oxidized any further rules out the reaction of cosmetic foundation with acidic skin. The only thing known to cause oxidation of foundation is sebum. Desired colors and shades of mineral makeup are obtained by combining metal oxides of different colors. Since mineral makeup does not contain any organic solvents, the pigments are not wet out. Hence, when sebum leaks through foundation and interacts with mineral makeup, the metal oxides are separated into various pigments and intensified. Due to the fact that yellow iron oxides are the easiest to wet out, yellow to orange color is most observed during oxidation of foundation. Since sebum is more in women with oily skin, finding the best foundation that prevents sebum leaks is difficult; but the next paragraph deals with how to find the best foundation for oily skin.

Best Foundation For Oily Skin -How to find the right foundation for oily skin

No foundation will stay on all day no matter how sophisticated it promises to be; it will last even less if the skin is oily. Finding the best foundation for oily skin requires more than just one particular brand, or if the foundation is liquid, gel or powder. A good skin care routine is a reliable way of keeping foundation on for a longer time. Many women get into the habit of using the same tried and true skin care products; but a good skin care regimen should change constantly to incorporate both seasonal and age related skin transitions. Use warm water when washing the face; as warm water dissolves skin oil better than cold water. Add soap to prevent the pores from being clogged. Washing should be limited to two or three times a day. Soaps are bases which can offset the optimal pH of the body needed to control bacterial growth on the skin. Moreover, excessive washing may stimulate the skin to produce more oil. Skin care products that strip the skin of oil, or leave the skin dehydrated should be avoided; as these can trigger the sebaceous glands to over compensate for the lost natural oil. Many women with oily skin type underestimates and down play the importance of moisturizer in maintaining an intact and healthy skin. The fact that you have oily skin does not exempt you from using moisturizer. A moisturizer with some level of UV protection is a must to ensure that the skin can protect itself from the sun and free radicals (to learn about how beneficial moisturizers are, visit best moisturizer for oily skin). Using primer between the face and foundation reduces interaction of sebum with cosmetic makeup. Oily skin type can benefit a lot from the use of makeup primers (there is a detail article on how to fine the best primer for oily skin). Also using wrong colors on skin tones can produce some undesirable outcomes, so find out if you have warm or cool skin tone. Furthermore, combination skin is mostly mistaken for oily skin; check foundation for combination skin to see if you really have oily skin.To find the best foundation for oily skin, avoid oil- free foundations; since they are most likely to be oxidized.

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